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Comprehensive Free-trade warehousing zone solutions

We at Pridel, offer free-trade warehousing zone bonded services to a large number of clients from our facilities in Mumbai and Chennai in India, one that serves a wide range of supply chain activities such as warehousing, in-bound transportation, distribution, customs clearance, temporary permits, re-export and customer-specific value-added services

End-to-end services:

Pridel provides end-to-end services from the port to the customer’s destination, promising to deliver on a hallmark of safety, quality, and on-the-dot delivery. We also offer many value-added services like kitting, bolting, ambient temperature storage services, packing, segregation, and repacking services to facilitate personalised solutions for our customers.

Why choose a Pridel FTWZ?

  • An FTWZ offers benefits equivalent to FTZs, operating internationally
  • Encourages foreign trade and warehousing activities for overseas and Indian entities
  • Provides an integrated platform for sourcing and distribution of management, including trading (in and out of India), thus reducing operational costs
  • Close proximity to international gateways for direct deliveries from port/airport, reducing cargo time.
  • Ability to move shipments from international gateways to FTWZs, Without any hassle.
  • Operates on a freely convertible currency model, i.e. payment of services in FOREX
  • Provides taxation benefits such as exemption on customs / GST, interest on duty, licensing and compliance with allied activities, where ever applicable.
  • Makes it easier for foreign entities to set up presence in India, without actually having a physical presence.
  • Makes it easier for foreign entities to set up presence in India, without actually having a physical presence.
  • Efficient facilitation of fair / exhibition cargo in India via FTWZ.

Benefits of our services:

  • Flexibility towards end-distribution
  • Duty deferment benefits
  • Quality control capability before duty payment
  • Hassle-free re-exports in terms of regulatory / duty implications
  • Reduced buffer stock
  • Lowered product costs
  • Foreign exchange transaction capabilities

We help you with storage, handling, transportation, cutting, palletization, bagging, bubble-wrapping, tagging, packing, labelling, painting, crating, bottling, quality assurance, consolidation, repairs and maintenance, cationization and refurbishment, among others.

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